21 message

message 1 : you are beautiful
message 2 : love is not who you were expecting, love is not who you can predict
message 3 : smile.. although you have a very miserable day
message 4 : you are a grate friend
message 5 : chase your dreams.. make it real
message 6 : be a good daughter to your parents :)
message 7 : big girl don't cry...she just eat
message 8 : the man that decided to change on the 12th died at 11th
message 9 : be honest to yourself
message 10 : you are what you think you, be positive
message 11 : its OK to cry.. that is why... there is a name call tears :')
message 12 : walk humbly
message 13 : when others are hurting you.. pray for them.. nothing to lose heh..
message 14 : don't worry, be happy
message 15 : eat well be healthy
message 16 : get marry before 30
message 17 : life is difficult.. be strong
message 18 : no matter how many people leaves you..your best friends will be there. always
message 19 : don't try to be others.. be yourself.. it will make you beautiful in ur way
message 20 : remember HIM in whatever situation you are facing..HE hears you even HE do not answer your prayer yet
message 21 : you are a big girl now!yeay.. happy birthday ekin.. 21 messages for 21 yr old girl.. moga bermanfaat.. may our friendship last till jannah.. and ay you, NURUL ASHIKIN BTE KHALIB... success in ur future undertaking n berjaya dunia n akhirat... amin3... lot of love.. from 22nd old sister.. enjoy your day.

by SURAYA..~